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Right Treatment

Tailoring therapy to the patient’s own cancer is a fundamental requirement in today’s oncology landscape. Euclises’ innovative design and clinical development strategy are expected to allow us to deliver precision treatment on the basis of three high-level principles:

  • Right Patient: Cancer patients who will most likely respond long-term to Euclicoxib™ therapy, based on significant reduction of a non-invasive prostaglandin biomarker compared to baseline
  • Right Drug: Euclicoxib™, Euclises’ novel coxib designed to increase anti-cancer potency and reach efficacious exposures safely to harness the clinically proven anti-cancer power of COX-2 inhibition
  • Right Dose: Euclicoxib™ doses that maximally inhibit COX-2 and prostaglandin biomarkers, providing potent anti-cancer efficacy